BITAI & Partners Law Firm

About Us

CLM is an alliance of independent law firms operating in many important cities in Central and Eastern Europe

Hungary is an integral part of this region, thus the presence of an international law firm providing legal services with a deep understanding of the market conditions of the region, is of great importance for domestic businesses.



The BITAI Law Firm, established by Dr. Zsófia Bitai, has been providing legal services with a business approach for local and multinational companies in Hungary since 2015. CLM invited the BITAI Law Firm to join the alliance in 2018.

Main fields of legal service: Competition and Advertising Law, GDPR, Commercial Law, Company Law and Real Estate Law.


Our Approach

CLM Bitai & Partners has been established with the objective of providing clients with legal advice that completely suits their business needs in the accelerated world of the 21st century.