About Us

Collegium is an alliance of independent law firms operating in many important cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Hungary is an integral part of this region, thus the presence of an international law firm providing legal services with a deep understanding of the market conditions of the region, is of great importance for domestic businesses.

Collegium was launched with the establishment of Slovak and Czech lawyers in Kosice, Žilina, Bratislava and Brno in 2015. In 2019, the alliance expanded with Hungarian lawyers in Budapest. In the upcoming years the alliance plan is to involve further offices in the region.

JUDr. Leo Teodor Vojčík, the managing partner of the Slovak offices said, ‘in a top law firm clients always find a rare harmony of legal and human support’. Our speciality is that we work ‘not only with professional care, but also with heart’.

Dr. Zsófia Bitai, the managing partner of the Hungarian office pointed out, that ‘the cooperation with Collegium was established with the objective of providing our clients with even cross-border legal services, that are professional and always in line with their business needs’.

Members of Collegium


The BITAI Law Firm, established by Dr. Zsófia Bitai, has been providing legal services with a business approach for local and multinational companies in Hungary since 2015. Collegium invited the BITAI Law Firm to join the alliance in 2018.

Main fields of legal service: Competition and Advertising Law, GDPR, Commercial Law, Company Law and Real Estate Law.


The Law firm Vojčík & Partners was established by Prof. JUDr. Peter Vojčík, CSc. in 1991. Today the network of attorney and patent offices are managed by his son son, Dr. Leo Teodor Vojčík.

Main fields of legal service: Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law and Company Law, Merger and Acquisitions and Real Estate.



Urban & Hejduk law firm launched his activities in 2015, managed by Marek Hejduk, Jan Urban and Katerina Mala.

Main fields of legal service: Energy Law, Litigation and Arbitration and Commercial Law.


Our Approach

Collegium Bitai & Partners has been established with the objective of providing clients with legal advice that completely suits their business needs in the accelerated world of the 21st century.

As a well assembled team we bring together and combine our attorneys’ experience gained in different fields of law, as well as the positive attitudes of their working styles. This is the guarantee for providing our clients high quality legal service that fits their ideas and habits the best.

As the motto of Dr. Bitai Zsófia explains:

‘Nobody is interested in the don’ts, but in the do’s, yet be legally compliant’.


We believe, that beyond the matter of facts, plans and legal issues, knowing our clients is crucial. Our attorneys are constantly working together with multinational companies, as well as with small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, they are aware of how important it is to know the unique conditions and internal processes of a company, so that they can work out the most fitting legal solutions.


We do not limit ourselves to providing mere legal advice. Our focus is on the business goals of our clients and we provide a secure legal background to accomplish them. Furthermore, we proactively help develop the legal framework of the business processes. We consider predictability as essential. That is why we work with remuneration tailored to the needs of our clients, and always keep cost-effectiveness in mind.


It is evident for us that business does not stop at the border. All of our colleagues have gained experience abroad, be it studies or work. Knowing and fully respecting the traditions of different habits of different cultures are important to us. We are at home both in international and multinational environment. Besides working in Hungarian, our working languages are mainly English and German, but we are also ready to receive mandates in Italian and French.


We always perform our tasks in accordance with the principles of the legal profession.

Professionalism, precision, reliability, discretion and the utmost commitment to our clients: these are fundamental values for us. We believe that we represent these traditional, unquestionable values in line with the expectations of the modern world.


Our attorneys are specialized in competition law, advertisement law, GDPR, commercial law, real estate law and corporate law. We have ten years of experience and a great professional network in these areas that help to resolve the cases. Our aim is to provide high quality legal services in the above six key areas rather than only having superficial knowledge in numerous fields of law.