Budapest, 31 January, 2019 – a new law firm, CLM BITAI & PARTNERS entered into the market, with a special focus on the cee region.

CLM is an alliance of independent law firms, which has already been operating in many important cities in Central and Eastern Europe – in Prague, Bratislava, Kosice, Žilina and Brno – but the joining of the Hungarian partner became actual now. The representatives of the alliance signed the accession agreement with the Bitai Law Firm at the opening ceremony on 31 January 2019. With this act CLM BITAI & PARTNERS has been established.

CLM was launched with the establishment of Slovak and Czech lawyers in 2015. Its key areas are Commercial Law, Company Law, Real Estate Law and Intellectual Property Law, GDPR, Competition and Advertising Law.

CLM has earned its professional recognition by providing tailor-made legal solutions with the deep understanding of the region’s market conditions.. ‘In a top law firm clients always find a rare harmony of legal and human support. Our speciality is that we work not only with professional care, but also with heart’, said Dr. Leo Vojcik, the managing partner of the Slovak offices at the ceremony.

The joining of BITAI & PARTNERS is an important step in the history of this international law firm. The Bitai Law Firm established by Dr. Zsófia Bitai, has been providing legal services with a business approach for local and multinational companies in Hungary since 2015. Its key areas are GDPR, Competition and Advertising Law. CLM invited the BITAI Law Firm to join the alliance in 2018.

’It is a logical step on the way to first to cover the V4 and other neighbouring countries and in a longer period the whole CEE region. I know Zsófia personally for many years and we decided to prefer an enthusiastic law firm with big potential to a maybe more established but also more rigid competition’, – says about the details Dr. Leo Vojcik. ’We have been cooperating with Bitai Law Firm less formally for about a year and the benefits for our existing clients as well as attraction to potential new ones is clearly visible. We also would like to attract new clients that will find CLM with presence in 3 countries practical, because they are expanding from Hungary to neighbouring markets.’

As Dr. Zsófia Bitai, the managing partner of the Hungarian office said ‘the cooperation with CLM was established with the objective of providing our clients with even cross-border legal services, that are professional and always in line with their business needs. Even though we are in this new set up, our approach will be the same as before, ‘Nobody is interested in the don’ts, but in the do’s, yet be legally compliant’.