Corporate law

Regardless of the type of business, our clients are satisfied, if the establishment of the company and the legal tracking of the corporate changes in the life of the company later on, as well as the registration of the changes at the competent court of registry are done smoothly and professionally. Most of our clients are companies with an international ownership structure, thus managing cross-border changes in the company is natural for us as well.


  • Establishing companies
  • Amendment of articles of associations of registered companies and drafting related documents
  • Drafting and reviewing the existing contracts and documents of companies
  • Drafting and reviewing joint venture agreements
  • Drafting documents relating to the transfer of company shares and the related confidentiality agreements
  • Transformation of companies (change of the legal form, merger, division)
  • Legal representation in the course of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Legal representation in the course of voluntary dissolution and liquidation proceedings

In connection with the above, we provide:

  • drafting and reviewing documents
  • full legal advice and legal management, including the proceedings before the registry court
  • drafting legal opinions
  • legal representation of companies in the course of business negotiations

References and solved cases:

  • Continuous legal management of corporate changes at the Hungarian subsidiary of an American-owned and a French-owned multinational company
  • Continuous legal management of the corporate changes and transfers of shares at Swiss-owned and Swedish-owned Hungarian companies.
  • Establishment of Swiss-owned and Italian-English-owned limited liability companies.
  • Establishment and day-to-day legal management of corporate changes of several Hungarian-owned undertakings – mainly limited liability companies.
  • Day-to-day legal management of corporate changes at an American-owned toy manufacturer multinational company.
  • The establishment of a Hungarian subsidiary of a Korean-owned company, the transfer of shares and the day-to-day legal management of the corporate changes.
  • Day-to-day legal management of the corporate changes at an American-owned multinational hardware and software distribution company.
  • Legal representation of a multinational company as creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding, legal representation of foreign and Hungarian companies as creditors in liquidation proceedings, legal management of voluntary dissolution proceedings.
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