In today’s world data protection and data security are questions that cannot be overlooked in business’s life. Each business handles personal data (data of employees, CVs, customers, consumers, inquirers, etc.). The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the regulation that controls data protection issues at EU level, applies to all personal data, covers all businesses registered in the EU and also covers the processing of data of EU citizens, even outside the EU. In the future, strict inspections and audits can be expected. The imposed fines can be up to EUR 20 million or, in the case of companies, up to 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the previous financial year.

Beyond the above mentioned fines, businesses will also face significant reputational risks in case of illegal data management. We help our clients to develop compliance programmes which are tailored to their companies and reduce their risks.


General data management:

  • data management policies, data privacy policies, guides and declarations
  • internal data privacy policies for companies
  • data protection audit, data privacy due diligence
  • undertaking the position of the data protection officer, notification to the authorities (DPO role)
  • data claim disputes
  • revision of data management of employees
  • establishing the consistency of employment agreements and job descriptions with GDPR
  • cookie policies
  • supervision of data protection issues
  • data transfer contracts
  • Data management for marketing purposes
  • data protection guide for direct marketing and newsletter activities
  • data protection guide for web shops
  • data protection guide for websites
  • data protection guide for social media sites
  • supervision of social media integration from a data protection point of view

References and solved cases

  • full GDPR compliance for a Hungarian owned web development and operation company
  • full GDPR compliance for private clinics and private medical institutions
  • full GDPR compliance for a multinational food distribution company
  • full GDPR compliance for a web shop operating company
  • legal opinions for promotions and newsletters according to data privacy
  • data claim disputes