Before undertaking a real estate investment – whether it is purchase or lease of real estate or any other kind of real estate utilization – it is essential to be aware of the legal risks and consequences of the planned decision, and also, to be aware of the legally relevant facts about the property. The same diligence is required if our client is the one looking for an investor or a cooperating partner. In our office, you can turn to lawyers with decades of experience for real estate advice and drafting of contracts and related documentsin this regard.


  • Legal support of real estate investments
  • Legal advice on the circumstances and legal risks of the acquisition of real estates
  • Drafting contracts on the transfer of ownership of real estates
  • Legal support of facility management
  • Drafting lease contracts
  • Drafting contracts concerning real estate mortgages and beneficial ownership

In connection with the above, we provide:

  • Preparation and drafting of sale and purchase, gift, lease and preliminary contracts and related documents (amendments, termination, etc.)
  • Review of contracts and full legal advice, including special loan conditions
  • Drafting legal opinions
  • Legal representation in the course of the negotiations between the parties
  • Land registry office administration, requesting property deeds, filling out Tax Authority data sheet

References and solved cases:

  • Drafting and reviewing the real estate sale and purchase contract and the contractors’ agreements on design and construction connected to the expansion of a factory of a Swiss-owned company
  • Drafting real estate sale and purchase contracts required for launching a new division of a Swiss-owned company
  • Establishment of a rental scheme of a property used for the operation of a theatre and club run by a Hungarian-owned company, and negotiating the conditions of the lease contract with the foreign real estate owner, drafting and managing the lease contract
  • Managing contracts related to the continuous lease of premises of a Hungarian-owned company, legal advice
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts on sale and purchase and lease of business and residential premises, drafting and reviewing contracts on gifts, managing the related legal proceedings