Anna Dr. Némethné Márkus


Office manager

Working languages: Hungarian, English

I have been working for 9 years. I started my career as a waitress, and in the past few years I have been dealing with office administration. This job includes everything for me, I chose it because it allows me to work on several projects.

As the office manager, my task is to lead the Firm’s entire background system and to support the work of attorneys/junior associates on a daily basis. I think the greatest value of our Firm is the family atmosphere and the continuous communication. I think this is why we are able to provide outstanding service to our clients, moreover in addition to our precision, we organize tasks and jobs quickly and efficiently, and we also take deadlines very seriously. My task is to keep the office administration in complete order. HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, training new colleagues, creating/operating systems, creating a positive office atmosphere, organizing and managing events, supporting the work of my colleagues...

I like to manage cases, organize tasks and work with people. As an office manager, I have many tasks, they are diverse and contain continuous challenges, so I may try myself in new and exciting projects, and I can improve my knowledge, skills and learn new things. 

I have two siblings, so I think I have learned to work as a team member and deal effectively with arising conflicts. I am passionate about photography. In my free time I like to cook, hike with my husband and our dog, and spend time with my family and friends whenever possible. Learning is extremely important to me, so if I can, I like to improve my education, which is why I am currently attending university.