Associated Attorney-at-Law

Speciality: Advertising and marketing law, commercial and competition law, food law, intellectual property law, privacy law.

Work languages: Hungarian, English

I graduated at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University. Life has brought me to start dealing with the above areas of law (not or barely taught at universities) relatively soon, which I really enjoyed and still enjoy the most, to which I have gained the most experience. During the decades of my professional practice, before joining the CLM Bitai & Partners Law Firm, I worked as a civil judge, then in-house lawyer and advocate. For 25 years I was working in the fast-moving consumer goods production, distribution sector (dealing mainly with foodstuffs), in a multinational environment, where in addition to the above areas of law, I also gained extensive experience and knowledge in cooperation in and coordination of international projects.

Since I joined the CLM Bitai & Partners Law Firm, I have been serving clients mainly from the food, dietary supplements, technical goods, cosmetics, household chemical products, musical instruments and other consumer goods manufacturing and distribution industries, as well as from the electrical, waste management, e-commerce, television shopping and software development industries.  

At CLM Bitai & Partners, I perform a variety of tasks for a wide range of clients (from performers, software developers, small businesses to multinationals), including evaluating of TVCs and another advertisements, creating marketing agency and influencer contracts, reviewing  product labelling and communication, evaluation of trade terms, writing sales contracts, trade terms agreements,  promotional offer templates,  software license agreements, contribution in competition office and other authority procedures, creating privacy notices, policies, advising in trade mark matters etc.  It is always a great pleasure to be able to help our clients to achieve their business goals with flexible solutions, but also in compliance with the law.

I am working as an associate attorney in the Advertising and Marketing law, Commercial law, Competition law, Privacy law unit of the CLM Bitai & Partners Law Firm with providing creative solutions to the clients in preventing and avoiding problems, such as solving them.  It is essential for a lawyer to “coexist” with the business (in marketing, sales and other issues) in order to come up with not just legally correct, but also business-friendly solutions. This also meets the creed of the CLM BITAI § PARTNERS Law Firm to the maximum!

I recommend the CLM Bitai & Partners Law Firm because it employs enthusiastic, professional colleagues with high level, versatile knowledge, who provide appropriate, creative solutions in a variety of fields of law.

In my free time I do yoga, sew, read and spend a lot of time with my friends and family.