Marketing Manager and Legal InternBitai-ugyvedi-iroda-2

Speciality: Advertising and Marketing Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property

Working languages: Hungarian, English

I began my professional journey at the International Business School, where I graduated in Management in 2016. Subsequently, I obtained a master's degree in Marketing at the same institution. Continuing my studies at the ELTE Faculty of Law, I pursued a deeper understanding of the legal realm, driven by a longstanding fascination with the field. I commenced studying law in 2020 and am projected to graduate in January 2025. In the summer of 2023, I completed a summer university program in European Union Intellectual Property Law at Stockholm University.

I have gathered experience across various domains. Initially, I worked as a marketing consultant for two years, collaborating predominantly with small and medium-sized enterprises. The insights gained here proved invaluable, particularly in the realms of social media marketing and brand building. Later, I transitioned to a law firm specializing in criminal law and immigration, where I also accumulated valuable experiences. However, I sought to leverage the knowledge acquired during my earlier studies. Hence, I made the decision to join CLM Bitai & Partners, where I could integrate my expertise in marketing and law.

Within the firm, I undertake diverse responsibilities. As a Marketing Manager, I am accountable for managing the firm's social media platforms, organizing events, crafting articles, and handling press relations. These tasks inspire me as they provide opportunities to devise creative and effective solutions for promoting the law firm and informing our clients.

As a legal intern, I support the work of associates, assisting them in various legal matters. I am particularly drawn to the field of advertising law, as it enables me to combine my expertise in marketing and law, offering a fresh perspective to the firm's operations.

The values of client-centeredness and flexibility upheld by the firm resonate deeply with me. We prioritize resolving clients' issues while always keeping their interests at the forefront. I take great pride in being part of this team and would enthusiastically recommend CLM Bitai & Partners to any client seeking flexible, creative, and client-focused services from a reputable law firm.